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Estevan Trinity Lutheran Church

Livestream Services:  Trinity Lutheran Church - YouTube

Sunday Worship Services at Trinity

Weekly, at 10:00 a.m. 

With coffee and fellowship to follow!

All are welcome

Donate to Trinity Estevan

  • Direct Deposit forms available from the Office

  • Cheques are accepted as Offerings during Worship or at the Office

  • E-Transfers are accepted at

  • Pledges – If we can’t give all at once, perhaps we can pledge a regular gift from what we have.  Obtain a pledge form from the Office

Welcome to Estevan Trinity Lutheran Church

We at Trinity area always welcoming with coffee and encouraging words. We are a caring, open community of believers. Get to know us.

Slip off your shoes, put up your feet, and get comfortable. We hope that as you find out a little bit more about Trinity, that you will feel like you can be yourself with us and with God.

As a people of faith, we are all about relationships…relationship with God, relationship with our own self and relationship with others.

We aren’t perfect. In fact, we mess up.

We mess up and find that even in our imperfections we can find a home here…because of God’s love. We can find a place in relationship with each other…because of God’s love. And because of God’s love…we welcome you here too.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee. Join us online or in person.

Together in God’s grace we will do the best to get through life with each other.

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